About Me

I’ve always been a “hustler.” My journey to entrepreneurship began in middle school when I decided to make money selling candy to my classmates after my school switched to healthier snack machines. I went out and bought a $2 pack of 200 piece candy and sold each piece for 25 cents or more. I eventually started selling chips and recruiting people to sell for me. That was my first lesson in supply and demand. Eventually the haters in the front office shut me down but it was too late because I’d already been bitten by the entrepreneurship bug. There’s something about being directly responsible for the money I make that appeals to me. Throughout high school and college I started several businesses while going to school and working for other companies. After graduating from The College of Charleston with a degree in Communication and moving to California I decided to give corporate America a try but soon found it wasn’t for me. In 2013 I started my company Social Creative Studios and I’ve been going strong ever since! In addition to SCS, I also have my blog Life In Style, Brown Girl Bloggers, The Life Notes Podcast, and I host events… among other things. It’s safe to say I’m never bored. I currently live and work in the Bay Area but I’m open to opportunities to travel. Don’t hesitate to say hi on Twitter & Instagram or contact me through this site.

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