Shopping Hubby’s Closet

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I stole Kyle’s sweater because he had it lying around and he will deal.

I’m honestly thinking about stealing more of his shirts and jackets. We all know that I’m in to oversized clothing at the moment so taking his clothes was the obvious next step. I paired his sweater with a pair of jeans I recently purchased from Forever 21 for way too cheap. I bought 2 pair so that I could distress one and have the other on standby. I’ve been wanting a pair from topshop for quite a while but this was way cheaper than spending $80 bucks. I wore this outfit yesterday after we decided to leave the house for some fresh air. I had been working all day and I needed a break.

We caught a beautiful sunset by the waterfront in Little Italy and then headed to Bird Rock Coffee Roasters to try some of their coffee. Kyle was having a super intense conversation with the guy who worked there about different types of coffee while I sat in the corner snapping pics like a creep and eavesdropping on two women talking about how much they love Beyonce.

Speaking off… we ended up passing by the chicken spot across the street from Bird Rock just as she started her halftime performance and we stopped to watch.

Although I’m no Bey stan it was a great show.

I’m so ready for an amazing week. Both Kyle and I are off (more or less) and we have tentative plans to visit his brother over the weekend to celebrate his birthday.

Sweater: ??? //Necklaces: Urban Outfitters  // Vest: Zara // Jeans: Forever 21 // Boots: Express (thrifted)

What are you excited about for the next 7 days?

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