The Creative Millennial Podcast 002 | Georgia Grace

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Today’s guest is Georgia Grace, the owner of Holy City Salsa in Charleston, SC and one of the first friends I made in college. In this interview we talk about so many things from our crazy college experiences to relationships failing in public to not feeling good enough to how self conscious getting help on the road to success can make you feel. Georgia is seriously one of the smartest women I know and very ambitious so I was excited to talk to her about being a creative millennial and a businesswoman.

Just  a few notes. I was very sick while recording this podcast but I powered through so you have to excuse the sound of my voice. Georgia’s dog also somehow got into the room while she was recording so you might hear his tags jingling in the background. Sorry about that.

After listening to the podcast let me know what you think on twitter. I’m @CandiceVanWye. You can always check the show notes if you’re concerned about the spelling.

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