The Creative Millennial Podcast 004 | Leslye Penelope On Writing Paranormal & Fantasy + Fear Of Success

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Today’s guest is Leslye Penelope, an award winning best selling author. I invited her on the podcast because, first, she’s a great writer but she’s also a black woman writing fantasy and paranormal books. It’s very rare to see a black woman in that genre so I wanted to get her perspective and advice on navigating that world. She started off as a self published author (and she still is) but recently inked a deal with St Martin’s Press which is obviously a really big deal. We talk about a lot of things including what it feels like to launch something on your own, fear of failure and fear of success, self doubt, navigating race in all white spaces, and why you sometimes have to go after your dreams alone but why getting help isn’t a bad thing.

You can find Leslye at her website and Twitter.

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